Basketball fan, doer, drummer, Swiss design-head and holistic designer. Performing at the sweet spot between aesthetics and sustainability to create strong, lasting and remarkable design. German award-winning designer raised in Austria & currently living in New York City.

There Are many unique ways the glass inside your car or truck may get broken. You may be driving down the street and a vehicle before you are able to sling a stone on your windshield and make it crack. The crack can gradually grow bigger as the glass warms and cools with the daylight temperatures. The contraction and expansion...

There Are instances when a vehicle owner must begin worrying about automobile glass replacement. This sometimes happens due to several factors. Scratched glass is 1 reason you might wish to replace your windshield. There's also no telling if a flying pebble may hit your automobile's windshield. Cold weather is just another significant reason why...

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